Tutto Matto, Edinburgh

There are pizza restaurants and there are PIZZA RESTAURANTS, Tutto Matto (of the two tomato fame) is certainly the latter.

Opened by the Pinto Mexican team, ventures have spread from South America across to Europe in a taste extravaganza, where Tutto Matto reflects not only the best of Italian cuisine but flavours from around the world, disguised as amazing pizza toppings.

My choice of Philadelphia arrived with the best Dumfries Cheddar, griddled steak and a scattering of onions and peppers; simple but amazing and hand-stretched of course. We also sampled a Mad Italian in the form of a burger; with beef from Simon Howie butchers; with salami, pepperoni and mozzarella; again the tastes were extreme and branded ‘THE best burger” by my lunch companion – praise indeed!

An unassuming frontage, directly opposite the Festival Theatre and in the heart of student land, belies the extensive interior, with room for 130 covers in a thankfully uncluttered and brilliantly well thought out space.

The décor is unique, simple and innovative and a refreshing change from the more traditional Edinburgh Italian eateries – very apt for the market, with obvious consideration of the location and demographic.

Truly inspired and halfway through a fabulous revelatory tasting experience, we moved to desert. Now, if they aren’t there already, Tutto Matto is bound for desert fame with their Half Pint Sundaes. Decadent in the extreme and yet so simple, they do exactly as the name suggests and serve delicious treats in half-pint glasses. Opting for the Peanut Butter one after a painful decision process, our waiter; having offered his best recommendations, given the impossible task; presented our very own chef created sundae. It looked like a half pint of deliciousness and tasted even better.

With beer matching as an added bonus, Tutto Matto seems to have found the knack to impress in a simple and effective way. Provenance is key and the raw materials here are fully traceable, quality and a large part of why Tutto Matto is proving to be the huge taste success it set out to be.

Visitors to Edinburgh shall not fail to be impressed by the local slant with nods to both Edinburgh and Glasgow on the pizza menu; and shall be taken on a worldwide journey with stops in the Far East, the States and winding up of course, back in Italy; after all the true inspiration and home of pizza!

Pay them a visit, you shall not be disappointed….if Tutto Matto did pizzas….oh and the good news is…they do!

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