Trike Tours Scotland

GUEST POST, with thanks to Christine Henderson

AND NOW, FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT … You’ve done the bus tour, visited the local sights with or without the aid of a guide, you may have even gone aerial to inspect the world from a different perspective but there is nothing to compare with feeling the wind in your face and guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs in your life like a trip on a trike!

Our delightful driver/guide, after dressing us in extra weather protection, jacket, gauntlets etc., seated and belted us, a bit reminiscent of scary fairground rides, in what were surprisingly comfortable “back seats” where we could view the passing countryside above his head level. The headgear, with insets and a visor were surprisingly comfortable and unintrusive; there was ample leg length in the seating arrangement….. all very important features for “oldies” such as us!

Our hour’s trip, took us through local territory to the edges of the Forth, (stopping for complimentary photo shoot) and thence to the picturesque banks of the river Almond where we were updated on local history, a few more pics for the record and served refreshments from a silver tray!.. a very enjoyable hour which seemed to be over too quickly.

This is an excellent “taster” experience for longer trike trips you might be considering and whether you are a hell’s angels affecionado or just plain looking for an experience that is completely different, this is definitely worth looking at! Put it down on your “To Do” list!
Trike Tours Scotland