The Square, Edinburgh

There is no reason why lunch, although usually less time-abundant and void of the kind of ambience only a neatly presented dinner table and a rather nice bottle of red afford, should be treated with disregard and a hurried, soggy ham and egg roll and can of diet coke, gulped down over your laptop…

Especially now, in light of renewed, fashionable health awareness, more of us tend to hunt out the trendy eatery, where the want for desirable food much outweighs the unfortunately hefty price tag.

Not so with “The Square” on Edinburgh’s South St Andrews Street, where a range of affordable and appealing lunchtime options have been embraced and the warm and welcoming staff of this take-away-cum-sit for a while, trendy food outlet have built up a regular clientele which is growing daily.

Daily offerings, via a giant blackboard, include an array of fine cheeses, hams, fresh breads, pastas and a variety of accompaniments along with the ever-changing choice of ‘made on the premises’ soups, hot dishes and freshly ground coffees.

All for taking away or sitting on the premises to eat, when you can leave feeling satisfied to have experienced a tasty, healthy, inexpensive and relaxing lunch worthy of your alloted funds for the day!