The Radhuni, Loanhead (near Edinburgh)

Occasionally and unexpectedly, you stumble on a true gem

With a reasonably suburban location, there is always going to be some legwork to do to get their name on the map but Radhuni should not have, and indeed have not had a problem to date if their achievements and awards are anything to go by.

Word of mouth should ensure this Loanhead based restaurant survives on the outskirts of Edinburgh and becomes a go to destination venue for those who enjoy not only an exceptional curry, but fabulous surroundings and supreme service.

Radhuni’s street frontage is small but wonderfully welcoming – a guiding light on a dark and wet December evening. Drawn in passed the main reception, Radhuni opens up, tardis-style, to a vast, impressively furnished, warm and luxurious space with an inviting configuration of tables and an atmosphere conducive to the buzz that has been created following their recent successes.

Arriving a good hour prior to our booking time, Radhuni’s good-natured team efficiently seated us, without fuss, even on a busy Saturday night service.

The scene was set for an evening of some of the most amazing Indian cuisine I have tasted; choice, flavours, chef’s variations on popular classics and new dishes performed well together; unsurprisingly as Radhuni has recently won the acclaimed ‘Best Indian Restaurant in Scotland’ award.

Many locals and regulars who have been both regularly popping in and travelling to The Radhuni, since its inception in 2011, have been guarding their gem of a find, however word is now out and the restaurant’s reputation as a destination dining experience has, quite rightly grown, since the inaugural Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards ceremony, which took place in London, in September 2018, hosted by celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott.

‘Radhuni’ means ‘passionate cook’, and that passion is absolutely reflected in every mouthful. From sourcing the best ingredients to providing smart service, The Radhuni team have designed an experience that’s as much about relaxing in a peaceful setting as taking in a memorable dining experience. Everything that passes your lips is freshly prepared.….and it shows.

The main dishes tasted like nothing I have experienced ever and shone a new light on the art of Indian cooking; this dining experience is one to be relished and not rushed; take time over the menu (it is extensive) and ask for recommendations; the waiting team are as passionate about the food as the chef and shall happily talk through choices. Sampling various sides, our stuffed paratha was indescribably good and a choice I shall definitely repeat, when (not if) we return.

The Radhuni made me want to call everyone and tell them about my discovery; lining up social events, based around its location, for months to come.

The Radhuni is managed by a strong team with worldwide experience in culinary expertise and customer service from around the globe; it is no surprise that the most recent achievement, just adds to their list of accreditations:

  • Finalist for Best in the East of Scotland at the Spice Awards 2018
  • Shortlisted for Indian Restaurant and Takeaway of the Year at the British Curry Awards 2018
  • Finalist for Outstanding Indian Restaurant of the Year at The Scottish Asian Food Awards 2018
  • Regional Winner of Scotland for “Restaurant of the Year” at the Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA) 2018
  • Chef of the Year at the Scottish Curry Awards 2018
  • TripAdvisor Hall of Fame for 5 consecutive years of Excellence (2018)
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (2013-2018)
  • (One of) The Telegraph’s Top 10 Curry Restaurants in Britain (2014)
  • Best Marketing Campaign – Edinburgh & Lothians Region – Asian Curry Awards 2014
  • (One of) TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Indian Restaurants in the UK (2013)
  • The AAA Guide of Excellence – Award of Excellence 2013
  • Pat Chapman’s Good Curry Guide 2013
  • Chef of the Year for Scotland and Northern Ireland at the Bangladeshi Caterers Association (2012)

I have no doubt that The Radhuni shall continue to add to this list, as much as worthy winners they are, they are also humble in their achievements to date and display a passion to perform and deliver on every hospitality front possible.

Loanhead has struck gold with The Radhuni and I wish them further success in their endeavours. I have several more dates for 2019 pencilled in already!