The Mill at Lewinshope, Yarrow Valley, Selkirkshire

Familiar as I am with the Scottish Borders, the breathtaking inland scenery of Scotland’s borderlands never ceases to impress. Completely identifiable, with bursts of lowland and flat pastures contrasted against hillside towns and villages with beautiful forest-lined backdrops, it offers a unique beauty and a perfect welcome to Scotland.

It is here, amongst the Eildon Hills, that Lewinshope sits, and within its grounds, The Mill, an impressively stunning conversion of a 19th century threshing mill.

A four-year labour with both vast and intricate attention to tiny detail, has made The Mill at Lewinshope a unique and very special place, in which to holiday and relish in the enveloping countryside and quaint Borders towns.

Lulu and Johnny’s relaxed, friendly manner make the welcome at Lewinshope, fitting with the locality, gradually lulling guests into a tranquil holiday ambience. Completely unobtrusive, the Watson family live in the neighbouring farmhouse, within the grounds, which is also equipped to accommodate additional guests, should your party be greater than 12.

A Tree Surgeon by trade, Johnny Watson’s work is present throughout The Mill; stunning wood creations in a mix of Oak, Ash, Beech and Elm – a fitting theme which runs throughout the bedrooms of the same names and their respective bathrooms with wood shelving, windowsills and furniture maintaining the wood theme within each.

Wood is not the only natural material utilised to practical effect throughout, however; touches of slate and exposed original stonework are also evident, creating a beautiful space, reflective of both The Mill’s history and its place today within the Borders landscape.

With innovative use of materials, there is not one inch of The Mill which has gone un-lavished in the attention stakes; inventive storage within the mezzanine level provides a hidden home for an array of children’s toys and jigsaws; even a fabulous 3D noughts and crosses game has been carved from wood; wicker and wood bathroom containers are perfectly at home within super modern ensuites, kitchen utensils in every shape you could possibly wish, are abundant, yet contained within the wondrous, wood kitchen and the open plan, ground floor has been structured and formed, to take full advantage of the natural light which seeps into the building from every angle.

Throughout the minute attention to detail and focus on natural wood, luxuries have not been sacrificed. HD TV’s, a Bose docking station and the modern-day necessity of WiFi, are all present at The Mill and topped with the surprising, yet fitting to the project, addition of a sauna and steam shower. These crowning additions may soon be capped, with plans for a jacuzzi being considered currently, conjuring images of evenings outside watching the sun dip behind the firs.

The outdoor space does not escape the same thoughtful attention and is home to some creative woodwork of its own; quite possibly the children’s see-saw, with the best views in the country, sits atop the garden with outdoor wood furniture visible from almost every window; mastermind vision for capturing the suns rays all day within The Mill’s sheltered neuks and crannies.

I cannot think of a better Borders space, from where to lavish some luxurious tranquillity upon yourself; a calmer, more beautiful spot, does not exist and I for one am astounded, yet delighted that the Watson family have turned this space over to the enjoyment of their guests. The Yarrow Valley’s Lewinshope is a secluded beauty, The Mill is its crowning glory; an award-winning, hidden idyll which deserves to be applauded and worshipped by all those who visit.