The Laichmoray Hotel, Elgin

Characteristic of a family run hotel, this imposing Victorian style building sits in the heart of the cathedral city of Elgin, offering easy access to the surrounding area and a warm and friendly service.

Although the purpose of our initial visit there was merely to host several informal meetings, the staff were extremely obliging and kindly agreed to our use of the relaxed lounge bar, where provision of drinks and snacks were politely served without pressure of purchase or time.

Prompting a second visit, some weeks later and also upon recommendation, we found that the restaurant has gained its invaluable good reputation locally, due to the provision of exceptionally well prepared meals and a continued presence of personable staff, to whom serving is an apparant delight.

Having now visited the Laichmoray on several occasions for differing purposes, I have found that their service is unfailing and the management and staff together, successfully maintain a reputation, so hard to earn but even harder to keep.