The Handlebards – Summer Shakespeare Tour

Four guys, four bicycles….nothing unusual about that; add to the mix a Summer Tour of more than 70 destinations, learning and performing two Shakespearean plays, cycling 1500 miles and transporting a stage and props, all under pedal power…that’s when it starts to get interesting.

The Handlebards amazing adventure is taking them around the UK, under pedal power, performing at an array of outdoor venues, come rain or shine. This year shall see ‘Hamlet’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ staged in multiple towns and cities, bringing Shakespeare to the uninitiated and a new angle, to the familiar.

This being their third year, those familiar with their popular takes on historical Shakesperean plays, come equipped with picnic blankets, chairs, food and wine, to enjoy the novel and witty take on some fairly serious content; let’s face it, not everyone could get away with reciting one of the most powerful Soliloquys from Hamlet, whilst simultaneously reacting to excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey!

As humourous as these four talented professionals are, nothing detracts from the fact that they are all seasoned performers and very much dedicated to their art with extensive acting experience, across many stages.

The fact that this tour is hugely environmentally friendly (they won the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award in 2014), including powering their own stage backdrops by pedal power, is giving to each local community in which they perform and they are lovely guys, to boot, makes each show even more watchable and is drawing increasing crowds year on year.

Now they need your help: #SecretShakespeare shall be taking place during the Edinburgh Fringe, when you can join the guys, cycling to a secret location (bikes provided) to enjoy the four ‘bards perform. This is guaranteed to be a unique Fringe event and an unmissable show, so please buy your tickets here: and find out more here: