The Enchanted Forest, Faskally, Pitlochry, Perthshire

Pitlochry and more specifically, Faskally Forest on a chilled but bright dry Autumn evening was the ideal setting for the 2019 Enchanted Forest lightshow event.

Not knowing fully what to expect, we arrived in the Perthshire town in the early evening to an unexpected hive of activity and air of anticipation. Pitlochry businesses have certainly made the most of the unique event on their doorstep, with shops, bars and restaurants all open well into the evening, welcoming the throngs of visitors to The Enchanted Forest on its outskirts.

The event must be praised for exceptional organization, which I would imagine is growing in popularity year on year. Clear meeting points, a happy, competent and welcoming team and superb dedicated shuttle service from the town to the venue, made for a great start to the evening.

Running only for one month each year, tickets are in demand and it is not hard to understand why, from the moment you step in to the coach and The Enchanted Forest narrative, music and light show begins, very capably informing visitors of what’s in store, with handy tips and helpful further information resources, cleverly included.

Cosmos was the theme for the 2019 event as we were drawn further into Faskally, on a route of increasingly impressive light shows and music showing the natural surroundings very literally in a new light. Clever use of water focal points and the night sky added to the drama with sights and sounds used to dramatic and impressive effect.

Particularly in-keeping were the campfire storytellers and stops for toasted marshmallows. Although a very successful commercial event, the organisers have been careful to allow only a select few retailers in to the forest; those who would add to the natural ambience and not distract from an amazing and extremely well considered sensory experience.