La Petite Mort, Edinburgh

Forget the St Paul’s restaurant in London where love sometimes blooms over a first meeting; La Petite Mort is the perfect venue for a First Date, and provides the perfect recipe for romance, right here in Edinburgh! A short walk from Bruntsfield Links, La Petite Mort is additionally ideally … [Read more...]

Paxton House, Berwickshire

Regency Ball & Outdoor Theatre Where better for a full costume Regency Ball than possibly the finest example of 18th century Palladian Country houses in Britain, and where more perfect than within the Picture Gallery at the aforementioned, Paxton House. Stunningly beautiful, the … [Read more...]

The Maltings Kitchen, Berwick-upon-Tweed

Perhaps politically and geographically, somewhat incorrect in that this particular feature is based around a restaurant which is in Berwick-upon-Tweed which, as we speak today, lies on the English side of the Border; therefore, not in Scotland. That aside however, as being only around 9 miles south … [Read more...]

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – REEL TO REAL: THE MOVIES MUSICAL

The superbly named “Reel to Real” sees a cast of ten incorporate a wonderfully humorous, family tale, very cleverly performed, alongside classic clips of golden oldies from Warner and MGM. Revolving around two central characters; a brother and sister, battling for their father’s movie empire … [Read more...]