Bond No.9, Leith

Leith’s ongoing redevelopment and refurbishment is not least of all evident within Bond No9 on Edinburgh’s lengthy Commercial Street. The row of refurbished shops, restaurants, offices and flats retains the character of the former whisky bond building and assumes the personality of an assortment … [Read more...]

The Maltings Kitchen, Berwick-upon-Tweed

Perhaps politically and geographically, somewhat incorrect in that this particular feature is based around a restaurant which is in Berwick-upon-Tweed which, as we speak today, lies on the English side of the Border; therefore, not in Scotland. That aside however, as being only around 9 miles south … [Read more...]

The Oak Tree Inn, Balmaha

Following a gorgeous day on the Loch, our party of 7 hungry sailors began the hunt for somewhere to enjoy a relaxed supper prior to heading in our different directions for the night. Having passed by the Oak Tree Inn earlier in the day where every surface, both outside and in, appeared to be … [Read more...]

Redhall Cottage Restaurant with Rooms, Eyemouth

Pretty as a picture, sitting in the countryside with open views of the sea – best of both worlds? Redhall is the most recent restaurant opening in the small picturesque fishing town of Eyemouth on Scotland’s south-east coast. Previously offering rooms with breakfast, the big step has been taken … [Read more...]

Centotre, Edinburgh

A Friday evening catch up with friends prompted a booking at Centotre, a truly bona fide Italian eatery housed in a former bank building on Edinburgh’s George Street. Not, may I add, a somewhat overdone red, white and green emblazoned establishment but a vibrant, yet refined, white backdrop with … [Read more...]

Haldanes Restaurant, Edinburgh

Haldanes Restaurant, located in a basement of Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town, is probably not somewhere you would accidentally stumble upon; so, from recommendation, a special dinner date was reserved at the Dundas Street haunt of the acquainted few; as it would prove to feel. A welcoming locale … [Read more...]

Oblo Bar & Bistro, Eyemouth

Upon entering Oblo, you could be mistaken for thinking you are in an upmarket trendy city eatery, or even, from the outside, on a particularly sunny day, the Mediterranean sun terrace of a quayside street café, however, being of the opinion that, in Eyemouth on a pleasant day in June, I would have … [Read more...]