Signal Rock Cottage, Glencoe

Signal Rock Cottage

Entrance to Signal Rock Cottage

Glencoe has always held a magical charm for me; atmospheric; partly due to the 1693 massacre; beautiful, scenic and stunningly typical of an ancient Highland glen. Glencoe now is home to Glencoe village and a small, friendly community built around a picturesque Scottish backdrop.

The journey to Signal Rock was remarkably straightforward and on a beautifully sunny and unusually still, warm day, a pleasure to undertake.

Amidst extensive woodland in the central part of the Glen, Signal Rock, according to historic legend, is where the signal was given to begin the Glencoe Massacre. Signal Rock Cottage also sits amidst this ancient woodland and offered us our camp for the night.

Alluring and unique, Signal Rock is not the stereotypical bed and breakfast establishment, blending into its woodland home, almost camouflaged by a wooden exterior, a first indication of the Green environmental policy followed here, striving to ensure the area is preserved in an eternally beautiful state.

Two bedrooms, a shared living area, open plan dining and kitchen area makes up the simple, yet homely bed and breakfast; our host Trude, who lives upstairs is friendly, relaxed and cooks a wonderful breakfast to order.

It is easy to see that Signal Rock also adapts well to self-catering accommodation, should the demand dictate and the kitchen facilities proved invaluable to us and the other house guests, in preparing food for the next day and keeping it cool overnight; washing and drying facilities are also available.

A natural patio area lies off the living room and a barbecue, which we made full use of, cooking supper with a vista down the glen and up to the hills above, accompanied by curious woodland creatures as our quietly welcomed dinner guests.

It is most fitting that Signal Rock Cottage achieved “Top Performing Green Guesthouse in UK & Ireland 2010-2011”, a Carbon Footprint Award, presented by the Green Tourism Business Scheme, as it’s very appearance is that of having been carved from its natural, most beautiful surroundings.

Wildlife is, of course, abundant in the surrounds of Signal Rock which sits within striking distance also of the banks of River Coe and Torran Loch, affording endless walking, climbing, fishing and artistic possibilities. Scenes including the famous Hagrid’s Hut from the Harry Potter movies were also filmed here; the exact location of which can be found, should you be prepared for a wee hike and a bit of a climb!

A local, family friendly, pub, also within walking distance, completes the perfect picture at Signal Rock Cottage; my only wish being that we had longer to spend in Glencoe, which offers one of the most awe inspiring landscapes in Scotland.