Seafari Adventures, Oban

A short distance from Oban, crossing the Bridge over the Atlantic to the western isle of Seil, Seafari Adventures has one of the most stunning locations in Scotland and is ideally placed to explore the varied sea and island wildlife off the beautifully remote Firth of Lorne Conservation area.

Steve and Wez, our skipper and guide for our Corryvreckan Wildlife Trip, were informative, convivial, entertaining and between them, held an abundance of knowledge; answering all questions posed to them, with conviction and an obvious passion for their job and surroundings.

The 12 seat open RIB was ideal for an exhilarating, breathtaking and panoramic viewing platform, from which to marvel at the varied wildlife, dramatic coastline and bonny, atmospheric islands rising up from the horizon and offering a haven for the awe-inspiring and elusive creatures who are fortunate enough to call this home.

Thanks to the keen eye of our maritime gurus, we were able to see two White Tailed Sea Eagles atop their island sanctuary, surveying their domain – an impressive and magnificent sight.

Venturing onwards on our fast paced journey and accompanied by a pod of normally shy porpoise leading the way, we were fortunate enough to see deer on the skyline of a different island enclave, remaining there long enough to allow photographs to be taken to record another momentous moment.

It is difficult to pinpoint one highlight in the trip; there were many, however Corryvreckan has been a long awaited visit for me, and, one that didn’t fail to impress. In a strait between Jura and Scarba, multiple whirlpools are created by strong Atlantic currents meeting unusual underwater topography and producing fascinating and powerful whirlpools in the Corryvreckan channel. I would challenge anyone to witness this and not leave with a renewed respect for Mother Nature and the power of the sea.

Although a vast and informative trip, I was saddened for once to see the re-approaching mainland coastline, signalling the end of our journey for the day.

An invigorating adventure, each trip is different, dependant on conditions and the unpredictable nature of our Scottish wildlife. Crews are however, adaptable and maximise any opportunity presented to them, exposing passengers to the most wonderful sights of natural beauty we are lucky enough to have within reach of the Western bounds of Scotland. Thank you Sea.Fari, Oban.