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A gorgeous little shop with Oban Bay frontage, Purdies really is a must for west coast visitors, not least of all due to the fact that a unique “Argyll and Inveraray” range is marketed by this very Scottish soap company.

Additional outlets and a thriving online trade are proving to be a winner for the company which promotes organic and natural products through a range of soaps, lotions, creams and hair products.

Pure love exudes from Purdies and the products they sell and reading more into the circumstances surrounding its inception, reveals why. With strong family origins, values and beliefs in community, it is apparent why Purdies draws the best from and gives the best in Scottish natural produce.

Through my travels around Scotland, I have been fortunate enough to come across Purdies products in bathrooms from west to east, north to south; and customers who love their products and stock all their favourites for lucky guests.

With additional tailor made products and individualised labels, Purdys is one not to miss and definitely worth a special visit either in person or to their online shop.