Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

ODE is the consummate history, geography and science lesson all rolled into one fun, interactive and definitely dynamic experience.

Not only for children however, ODE takes each visitor on an exciting and very interesting journey through the planet’s past, present and even dares to glimpse into what the future has in store for planet Earth, within informative narratives, displays, movies and interactive stages.

The experience captures the interest and instills curiosity in even the most impartial mind with mind boggling technology and interactive exhibits.

Bringing each subject to life in a thought provoking and imaginative way, from dinosaurs to today’s scientific discoveries, taking a walk through a tropical rainforest on the way, Our Dynamic Earth does not fail to teach at least something to even the most scientific minded wizards around!

Value for money Explorer Passes, children’s play areas and cafe and plentiful car parking spaces ensure families return for repeat days of discovery in the centre of Edinburgh.