One Spa at The Sheraton Grand, Edinburgh

Conjure up the epitome of luxury and relaxation and you have One Spa at the Edinburgh Sheraton Hotel. Located within the same building on the upper levels of The Sheraton Grand, the hotel’s Spa is not merely an added extra but another world in the realm of indulgent pampering. Prepare to forget your worries and enter the world of One Spa.

Following the brief formalities of form filling and an informative tour of the thermal suite and rooftop pools; should you be skipping the treatment rooms; you are delightfully alone to indulge in the many dimensions of One Spa.

An 11 step process, for those with time; and time is what you need when visiting One Spa; instructs guests through relaxing spaces; all with varying purpose but with one aim: pure relaxation.

Soothing saunas and fragrant steam rooms are interspersed with crushed ice and rainforest showers or lie back and relax on the heated loungers whilst deciding which treatment to enjoy next.

For those wishing to expend some energy, the gym and fitness suite houses all the machinery you could wish for and a full size swimming pool offers training or a relaxing swim coupled with poolside baths  – the perfect place to recover and soothe those aching muscles.

Primarily however One Spa is about utter relaxation and the rooftop hydropool is no exception to that rule. Powerful water jets, underwater loungers and warm water, coupled with fresh air, offer a heady mix and carry minds away to a private space, far from work and worries and life, as we know it.

Treatments are both typical and unique, dependant on whether the requirement is for the norm or something slightly different.  Mud treatments and salt scrubs are offered along with facials and manicures, all with a healthy dose of calming aromas and soothing music, designed to restore the body’s natural balance and invigorate the senses.

It is easy to spend considerable time within this haven, where tranquil space is abundant and cares are a distant memory.

One Spa at The Sheraton has managed to get it just right and ultimately offer heaven.