Onboard Driver Training, Edinburgh and Hamilton

“Underage Drivers”; normally would indicate at least some bending of the law, however not in this case, where OBT or On Board Driving Training are offering driving lessons to children as young as 12 on private land bases in Edinburgh and Hamilton.

Dual control cars and competent, qualified instructors have opened up the market at these centres to an activity which is proving to be popular for those who are eager to learn to drive but haven’t reached 17 yet. A confidence building exercise, yet informative lesson with the aim of giving each individual an excellent grounding in the mechanics of driving and safety, prior to their first official lesson.

So impressed were we by the two hour lesson given to our 12 year old, that more have been planned over the coming years leading up to the all important 17th birthday. Within half an hour, the children in our allotted lesson time where pulling away smoothly, changing through the gears, steering round corners and negotiating junctions with confidence and ability, at the same time as experiencing a hugely enjoyable lesson in handling a vehicle.

The instructors here not only fill you with confidence and faith in their abilities; they make each hour fun and informative for each child involved – highly recommended.