Inspire Studios, Edinburgh

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Inspire photo image

I don’t necessarily enjoy posing for photographs; I don’t feel at ease and would much rather the person behind the camera caught me off guard and in my natural habitat, so to speak.

That said, our morning at Inspire Studios’ Edinburgh suite was a pain free and dare I say, enjoyable experience at the hands of a relaxed and adept photographer who got to grips with all of our foibles quickly and with great aplomb.

A light-hearted hour passed surprisingly and disappointingly quickly as we ultimately fought for space on the floor, in front of the lens!

Offering Fashion, Family, Makeover and Boudoir photography, Inspire have a growing base with numerous locations throughout the UK and regular promotions through Groupon and other daily deal sites.

Inspire Studios create wonderful memories for anyone wishing to capture a moment in time and memorialise a fun day or a special occasion.