Highland Wilderness Glamping: News from Scot Mountain Holidays

This hot tent wild camping and guided hiking adventure brings together the traditional role of the native Highland Pony as a pack animal and the recent development in heavier but more luxurious camping equipment a UK first!

Two things have aligned to revolutionise camping comfort in the UK: the use of more traditional breathable fabrics in high-end tents and the availability of portable camp Woodburner stoves designed to fit inside them – hot tent camping! It’s no overstatement to say In terms of Scotland’s cool temperate climate that this is a game changer!! At no risk of exaggeration on a frosty star lit night it’s quite possible to be sitting around the stove with a temperature of 25 degrees C!

With the help of Goldie and Foxglove, our native Highland Ponies, we’re able to wild camp in perfect isolation in some of the Scotland’s remotest and most beautiful locations. Guests have the luxury of only carrying a day sack with a change of clothing!


The Nordic Tipi’s we use are over 3m (10ft) in height, more than big enough to stand up in! Up in the apex we can dry clothing overnight without fear of condensation forming and with seating around the central stove there is a lovely cosy area to relax and enjoy the whole experience!


In addition warm camp showers are provided as well as a camp toilet. The beds are made up with deep insulated mattresses inflated to your own desired firmness. Overlain by a fitted sheet and a down duvet, the beds provide a sleeping experience akin to being in your own bed, all this in the remotest of locations!

This on foot self-contained journey with the ponies sees us pass through spectacular Caledonian pine woods, past beautiful lochs and fields with views to some of Scotland’s highest peaks. It is simply stunningly beautiful and at the leading edge on nature conservation in the UK.

The area is home to Golden Eagles, Wildcats, Ptarmigan, Pine Martens and Capercaillie. Over 5000 different species have been recorded locally with a fifth of them being nationally rare. The range of wildlife is breathtaking! It’s the same suite of plants, animals and fungi that chased the glaciers back 11 000 years ago. Old growth pine trees draped in lichens gives an “other worldly feel”, one where time has stood still. It’s Britain’s wildest and most natural habitat.

This 4 day/3 night adventure is fully inclusive and includes:

  • 3 days wilderness guiding with 2 Guides/Pony handlers
  • ½  day expedition training
  • 1st nights accommodation at Fraoch Lodge
  • 2 nights wild camping
  • All camping equipment including camp beds
  • All meals from Lunch on the day of arrival (Day 1) through to  lunch on day of departure (Day 4).
  • Transport between Fraoch Lodge & Stables
  • Inverness Airport/Aviemore Rail station transfers

Prices start from £772

It is off grid escapism and a truly immersive and engaging experience, a chance to reconnect with nature.


Find out more: https://scotmountainholidays.com/tours/pack-horse-supported-adventure-highland-wilderness-glamping-3-days-hiking-2-nights-wild-camping/

If you would like more information about this trip with regards to e.g. animal welfare, please call Andrew Bateman on 01479 831 331, or email andrew.bateman.smh@outlook.com