Go Forth Guided Tours, North Berwick

Dave Berry; an extensively travelled, East Lothian Councillor; has returned to his beloved North Berwick, where Go Forth Guided Tours has been born from a supreme love and knowledge of his home territory.

An endearing and very apparent passion for Scotland, has called Dave back from his work and travels overseas to establish his personalised tour company, drawing from an extensive and impressive reservoir of factual information of the area.

Go Forth Tours presents a very different option for potential guests of the VW 7 seater; the tours are personalised; researched and based around individual wish lists, drawn from a surprisingly large pool of options. Wildlife, History, Grand Mansions, Castles and Museums, all impeccably delivered and served with a healthy dose of tradition and a hint of modern twist.

Local architecture played a part in our personal tour and a rather special visit to a hidden village and private beach, overseen by wild deer and curious pheasants, however, the unwavering knowledge and genuine wish to divulge a wealth of wisdom built up over many years, made the day even more special.

Dave’s desire to tailor each tour to suit his group (as few as two) stretches to coffee and lunch stops – who knew East Lothian had so many delicious eateries? Falko; Gullane’s very own Konditormeister, has a delightful German bakery and deli in the town, in addition to a second in Edinburgh. Despite the queues; this is obviously a popular stop; Falko’s offers a worthwhile experience and the very best of German baking and produce by a master craftsman; known from afar!

The tours are very obviously derived from a wish to impart the very best of the area, thus making the experience a refreshing change from the vast commercialisation of nearby rivals; Go Forth’s excursions are of an organic nature and I feel, they always will be; untainted by an obsession for numbers and figures.

I would genuinely urge anyone in the vicinity to experience a Go Forth tour; one thing is certain, it shall change the way you look at East Lothian, forever.