Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire

A highlight of a recent venture into Aberdeenshire was Fyvie Castle, with history dating back many centuries and now belonging to the National Trust for Scotland.

Having become a member of the NTS some time ago our enjoyment of the vast, sometimes ghostly rooms and historical stories was absolutely free, although completely worthwhile still for those paying the paltry entrance fee.

The guides and historians throughout the building seemed to take a genuine pleasure in educating visitors with a wealth of experience and an answer to each and every question posed.

We waited eagerly for verification of the much publicised and discussed hauntings and, although nothing became apparent during our visit, I felt certain that these figures from history were most certainly there, witnessing our visit, such was the atmospheric air about the building.

By contrast, there is a wonderful cafe / bistro at Fyvie, where we enjoyed the most delicious cheddar and broccoli soup for lunch before continuing on our tour of the grounds, which unsurprisingly did not disappoint.

A truly worthwhile visit for a glorious Summer’s afternoon.