Eyemouth Rib Trip

Flowers? Tick, Cards? Tick. Dinner via fast moving, exhilarating RIB? Unlikely. Or so I thought, even as we reached the harbour’s edge on the day of my birthday this year.

As surprises go, this probably turned out to be one of the best, although I was seriously re-thinking my outfit choice “for dinner” as we clambered into wet weather gear and lifejackets on the jetty, not to mention the hair annihilating headgear.

The excitement was building however as we looked out to a not-so-calm sea and thoughts of dinner disappeared.

Our skipper, Tim, had agreed to a trip, which was slightly out of the ordinary and had planned the ride to Berwick, south along the coast, with efficiency and ease; briefing us on a few safety measures but not so as to kill the vibe!

Heading out of Eyemouth harbour, we left sleepy seals napping on the rocks, waved our farewells and braced ourselves for the venture beyond, gripping tightly to the handrails in front of us. Leaving the calm coastal waters behind, we were soon skipping over the North Sea waves, catching glimpses of some of the birds and wildlife, which call the east coast waters, home.

Viewing a familiar coastline from a not so familiar viewpoint was amazing, as was seeing the rocky outcrops and hidden caves beneath, recognisable coastal paths. When the hats were discarded and any hope of arriving at our destination with any semblance of presentability, was forgotten; the experience was both breath-taking and exhilarating; the touch of rain which arrived half way through our adventure, only contributed to an overall desire to remain out in the waters for a much longer time than our journey today would allow.

With the familiar Berwick landmarks visible, the only desire was to extend our expedition into a return one, but dinner reservations were calling and we disembarked, easily, at the Chandlery, de-robing and making futile efforts in the direction of respectability.

Dinner was good but spent re-living our seaboard jaunt and vowing to re-visit, prior to our rather unadventurous and rather more circumspect, taxi (phhttt!) ride home!