Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Castle + esplanade – Tattoo

There are many things, as a nation, we have to be proud of this year in particular and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, for me, is most definitely one. It’s not the first time I have visited the annual extravaganza on the Castle esplanade and from this year’s exceptional offering, I very much hope that it shall not be the last.

The mood was certainly not dampened by the less than favourable weather, as the multi-national crowd joined in a synthesised enjoyment and appreciation of breathtaking talent from around the globe on the Capital’s most pivotal stage.

Spectacular skills, history and a touch of humour fused to produce the 62nd Tattoo, paying special tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee; each act uniting to produce their best, to inspiring aplomb.

How wonderful for guest nations to not only collaborate and perform immaculately rehearsed pieces but pay homage to Scotland in an Internationally recognised event, re-affirming tradition and history with a modern twist and wide spread appeal. Old and young were in common awe of the non-stop, fast paced show, staging acts of such accurate precision and synchronicity as the massed pipes and drums, massed military bands, drill teams and dancers.

The, as always, stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle was presented as a cohesive part of each performance, an adaptable prop, presenting impressive graphics of national treasure, history, superheros and Royal relevance on her ancient walls; personification further enhanced with a booming commentary drawing events to a close.

Of course, the celebratory fireworks have long been a favourite, signalling the close of the tattoo but for me, nothing beats the skirl of the pipes, from the lone piper and pipe bands, when my heart swells with pride, not only at my nationality but the love from others, of Scotland as our Nation.