Dundream, Kirkcolm, Stranraer

Dundream House

Dundream with Glenapp background

Do you ever dream of escaping to a beautifully remote, idyllic retreat, far away from reality with spectacular views and a wealth of varied wildlife for company? I did precisely that when I explored Scotland’s south-west recently and discovered my Xanadu in Dundream – the soul of rural south-Ayrshire. Dundream is that place which, prior to last week, existed only in my most vivid and fanciful dreams – a veritable haven, offering the epitome in relaxation, seclusion and tranquility.

Dundream is a visually striking, holistic, eco-retreat; a 5 star self-catering sanctuary, recently completed and finished to exacting standards, embracing an environmentally friendly ethos and proud bearer of a Gold Award for Green Tourism.

Dundream is the materialisation of a lifelong vision for owner, Elaine Hamilton, a holistic practitioner in Glasgow’s West End; an inspirational lady with a yearning desire to care for her guests to unmitigated levels, sharing her Dundream, so everyone who visits can benefit from the inherent healing powers which pervade such a beautiful place.

Elaine grew up on the farmland adjoining Dundream and spent many days on the hill which overlooks the Irish Sea; the same hill on which Dundream now sits – a culmination of hard work and realisation of her enduring dreams. The spot has long held magical memories for Elaine and is the key to her motivation in building this beautiful, heather-coloured dwelling which provides Elaine’s contribution to this special place, which houses her fond childhood memories.

And what an achievement….Dundream affords space to a plethora of natural and reclaimed materials and serves as a stunning platform from which to absorb the stunning 360 degree views.

The Green Tourism ethos enhances the design of the property, Dundream is a credit to the natural surroundings and warms the landscape on which it sits. Luxury flourishes in every corner of the house , affording each guest, the opportunity, at least for a magical while, to revel in hedonistic pleasure, invogorating the senses and calming the mind.

There has been no compromise on space, for light floods through Dundream, epitomising space with carefully placed pieces and a loving incorporation of Feng Shui, promoting balance and harmony and connecting the interior with the exterior.

Even the bedrooms have been named after aspects from the house; Mull of Kintyre, Ballantrae, Loch Ryan and Glenapp, all of which boast fantastic vistas of the Irish Channel, the Mountains of Mourne, the Mull of Kintyre or Ailsa Craig and Arran – a true reflection of where Dundream finds its place in the world.

Delightful little additions feature throughout the house; The BareNaked Soap Company toiletries; focusing on holistic skin care through natural handmade soap and bath products and Thistle B Scrumptious Scottish produce featuring largely in the kitchen. Elaine thoughtfully prepares welcome baskets for guests with locally crafted produce and comprehensive information on where to source all the necessities for a comfortable stay.

Guests are encouraged to recycle, with additional Green features offering a private water supply and central heating and hot water powered by an air heat pump and solar panels. The calming colours which feature throughout the house are all achieved with eco paint and the extremely comfortable beds are furnished with anti-allergenic duvets and luxurious pillows.

Dundream welcomes guests as warmly as any person could; it invites you to explore and uncover its secrets; to revel in the luxurious delights and thoughtful extras; and return, as a close friend to its salubrious walls.

Dundream is that house at the end of the rainbow; I felt genuinely privileged to have visited; Dundream is an inspirational property, it is a beautiful dream, a relaxing holistic retreat; expertly researched and immaculately presented.

Oh what a dream to build the dream to work it, live it and present it to others as their dream too.