Cuan Mor Restaurant, Bar and Brewery, Oban

Cuan Mor Oban

Cuan Mor frontage

Cuan Mor, for me, represents what Oban is all about: a warm welcome, roots in local tradition, a proud history presented with a current day twist and superb seafood, as, with views over the Big Ocean (Cuan Mor), it’s as fresh as it comes.

Proud of the indigenous Gaelic history; a theme which is apparent throughout the West Coast; Cuan Mor pays allegiance to the old with fabulous use of natural and reclaimed slate, timber and stone to impressive effect, creating a wholesome and welcomingly characterful environment.

An easy place to be; the atmosphere is laid back, even during a busy lunchtime, possibly due to the calming view of Oban Bay and the sea beyond; a fabulous backdrop to the bustling restaurant and bar.

The food is simple, yet creative and caters traditional Scottish produce along with seafood dishes and hearty, warming foods; precious for the colder climes of Scotland’s western seaboards!

An unexpected surprise is the adjoining Cuan Mor brewery, aka Oban Bay Brewery, where some splendidly titled ales are brewed in time honoured fashion, next to a tasting room and additional bar, where revelers can enjoy a Skinny Blonde or Kilt Lifter; not as politically incorrect as first appearances may indicate, as these are two of the specially named ales, unique to the brewery.

Cuan Mor is one of Oban’s recent nods to the modern day, a currently exclusive group, which, through time, should expand and prosper within Scotland’s Gateway to the Isles.