Can you Escape, Edinburgh

Not a typical billing for a Sunday morning; Operation Bald Eagle took our team of slightly sleepy Special Agents to ‘Can you Escape’, Edinburgh’s unique and challenging new team activity.

Billed as a ‘Live Room Escape Experience’ it falls somewhere between The Crystal Maze and Krypton Factor, using all your powers of mental agility, to solve set clues and mastermind the escape, saving Edinburgh in the process!

Working in a team, under the added pressure of a very competitive leader board and an hour to escape, the clock starts ticking from the moment you enter the home of Dr Herr Kutz at 16 Barber Street to unlock the clues, gain access to the safe and prevent Dr Kutz from releasing his secret formula into the city’s water supply.

A genius madman, the Dr has not coped well with his baldness and has concocted the formula to curse Edinburgh’s inhabitants with the same affliction; the Secret Agents being the only ones able to prevent the disastrous chain of events.

Gaining access to his city centre flat, whilst he is out, Agents have to be careful not to alert anyone to their presence, whilst solving a series of mental puzzles, gaining access to the safe and unlocking the door to escape – all within one hour.

An utterly fabulous team or family experience, all Agents have to employ their best problem solving tactics, working together to solve all the clues and escape within the allotted time.

As the clock counts down and pressure builds, the brainpower exerted under duress is revelatory; an utter determination to crack the code, taken as seriously as if life depended on it!

Even the less competitive shall be challenged here; not to become fully absorbed in the task in hand, pitting their wits against a challenging, and to be honest, fairly impressive Top Ten, with a keen determination not to be defeated.

In case you are wondering….Must Visit Scotland succeeded with precisely 2 seconds to spare, solving the clues and escaping the room in 59 minutes and 58 seconds…mission accomplished!