Angels With Bagpipes

Angels with Bagpipes Exterior

Angels with Bagpipes

The uniquely named Angels with Bagpipes has quickly established itself on the Edinburgh upmarket restaurant scene and just as quickly earned an enviable reputation for producing exemplary Scottish cuisine.

With a home on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the simple, yet stylish restaurant is surprisingly expansive, split into many levels with the addition of the exclusive and romantic Halo room, designed for four and perfect for two, in a private and cosy neuk and thus wonderfully ideal for an enchanting evening.

There is a special and endearing atmosphere throughout the bar and restaurant; outwardly exclusive, yet friendly, welcoming and subtly fun; the waiting staff are exceptional; knowledgeable and quietly enthusiastic, they liaise with the kitchen and advise on the chef’s choice of wine to best accompany selected menu dishes.

Food is typically Scottish, freshly and expertly sourced and crafted into wonderfully appealing creations by Head Chef Paul Whitecross and his kitchen team who perform superbly within the busy, city centre restaurant.

Ideal for a special celebration or a leisurely indulgent lunch or supper, Angels with Bagpipes proudly flaunts innovative and creative dishes which captivate the eye as much as the appetite.