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Must Visit… Scotland has a number of website advertising opportunities available.

Scottish based businesses are establishing a vast broadcast via the Must Visit Scotland website; a worldwide audience with a particular interest in visiting, touring and staying in Scotland, visitor figures through the site have doubled in the last year.

We ensure that the Must Visit websites are not littered with unrelated banner advertising and that advertisers provide an offering, which will complement the ethos of our site.

Advertising options have been carefully selected to ensure impact for the advertiser whilst not becoming intrusive within the site. For these reasons the advertising opportunities are restricted to particular locations and in the number of advertisers from whom we shall accept advertising.

Please contact MVS for current website traffic statistics.

Sponsorship of a ‘MUST’ page:

Priority shall be given to those businesses who have been reviewed and are listed in the site. In these cases, the quality and uniqueness of the property under consideration will be reviewed independently of any potential advertising revenue that may be generated.

Sponsorship of a Review page:

Must Visit Scotland currently list businesses due to be Reviewed (see Review Visits page). Our advertising policy allows for one business to sponsor each Review piece. Please contact Must Visit Scotland in advance of the Review to secure your advertisement.

All adverts will be designed free of additional charge by our creative agency and shall be subject to the approval of Must Visit and the advertiser.

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