AC Gliders, Forres

Following a heavy day behind a PC screen, it was refreshing to breathe some invigorating country air and experience a relatively new trend within Scotland – that of Segway. AC Gliders in Forres offer unique Segway PT Tours around the beautiful countryside and private land where they are based in Highland Morayshire.

The battery powered, two-wheel, stand-on vehicles are absolutely unlike anything else I have experienced, offering an exhilarating, new and fun activity under superb guidance.

Daniel Ketelaar has laboured hard for his Segways and his affection towards them is infectious; within our most enjoyable 30 minutes Segway experience, I was smitten and a convert to the world of Segways; these machines cannot fail to put a huge grin on your face.

Instruction is brief but thorough; Daniel exudes calm and confidence in his Segways; and although safety is of prime importance, the fun element is a very close second.

With special off-road tyres and an impressive self-balancing mechanism; all that is left is to concentrate on balancing yourself and enjoying the ride!

This revolutionary feat in Green technology, offers pioneering, cross terrain experiences, making little or no noise and is an emission free mode of transportation, resulting in endless enjoyment.

Segway PTs are used extensively across the Globe and especially in America, the country of their invention, where they are a recognised form of everyday, personal transportation. Additionally, Segways form part of the working day for the US police force for ground patrolling and extensively by lifeguards as beach patrol vehicles.

Within Scotland, the word is beginning to spread and there is no better place to be part of that than at The Loft in Forres, Moray where AC Gliders are waiting to take you on your own Segway experience.